Saturday, June 29, 2013

Being Oneself

...out of the substance of the universal, a personal arises.  I have the universal in me, it is my very soul, my very substance, but I am a person.  And that is the miracle.  This is the mystery - that the true person includes the universal, includes the divine.  The building blocks of the true person are the universal, the divine substance.  God creates you fresh in every moment.  There is a new birth in that - God gives birth.  Without this experience, you will always feel incomplete.  It is for the birth and for the growth of this person, the personal being, the personal essence, often referred to as the "Pearl beyond Price," that everything else exists.  This is the key, the entry into all the mysteries, and it to all the celebrations of existence. To be oneself means to be the synthesis of all that exists as you; to be you.  You are the fruit of the universe. -- (Quotation from A.H. Almaas)

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