Monday, December 23, 2013

Surrendering to Who You Are

Can "presence" be thought?  This question, in effect, crumbles the neat patterns of the mind.  It causes a dropping, a release, and relief from the huge illusory world of thought. The balancing and re-balancing and re-forming and re-inventing of what you call "me" is only a thought, with another thought processed on top of that, and then another thought.  The moment of recognizing what cannot be thought is the moment of recognizing who you are.  It is a moment of the mind's surrender to silence....In an instant of recognizing the silence that is always here, you recognize your true face....

Then you can address the challenges of life, of bodily pain, emotional turmoil, or mental confusion, with greater clarity and insight, because you no longer identify those states with who you are....You are existence itself.  Existence is consciousness, which is alive , and in love with itself....The ever-present possibility in any moment is to wake up to the truth of yourself as consciousness.  That waking up occurs in the mind's surrender to silence.  -- (Quotation from Gangaji)