Saturday, July 26, 2014


There is only awareness, from moment to moment.  If an object is seen from this perspective, then we can say that this object is real.  There is nothing wrong with objects, as long as we understand their true nature, as long as we understand them to be mere appearances on a background of  awareness.  They don't have any reality of their own.  That is what is meant by non-duality.  -- (Quotation from Francis Lucille)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Key to Healing

The key to healing may be connecting or reconnecting to the "light and information" of the universe. According to Eric Pearl, "This energy is like light passing through a prism. We are the prism. We join the patient and the universe in the generation of a mutual field that consists of love - in the most exalted meaning of the word - and a state of unity. The patient's needs are recognized by the universe, which then supplies the circumstances that allow for the appropriate response to those needs."